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Biggest swimming pool in Ladakh

A case study on a swimming pool built at an elevation over 3,000 metres above sea level. 

Planning Stage

Before the Execution part, we had to understand the terrain of Ladakh.
Following was our learning from Recce of the Terrian:​

Ladakh comes under 5th seismic zone and the structure must be built according to the norms. Earlier, the Himalayan region was under zone 4. (as per article by Er. Rashid Ahmad )

Some things to keep in mind

  1. Water-cement ratio must be maintained while concreting.

  2. The formwork should be strong and should not disturb while casting and concreting

  3. The beams and slab are cast simultaneously to make it monolithic

  4. All cement work should be made covering at least 20 days or more for proper setting of cement work.

  5. Multi-storey building must be designed by a structural engineer for its safety.

  6. Using sand and clay together should be avoided

  7. The aggregates should not dissolve in water.

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